受付の人|a receptionist
開業医|a practicing physician; a medical practitioner
かかりつけの医師one's family doctor
眼科医|an ophthalmologist
看護師|a nurse(▼男女ともに用いる)
救急車|an ambulance
救急病院|an emergency hospital
外科医|a surgeon
病院|a hospital
産科医|an obstetrician
歯科医|a dentist
歯科衛生技師|((米))a dental hygienist; ((英))a hygienist
耳鼻咽喉科医|an otolaryngologist; an ear, nose and throat specialist
集中治療室|an intensive care unit((略ICU))
小児科医|a pediatrician
神経科医|a neurologist
診察所|a clinic; a doctor's office
精神科医|a psychiatrist
専門医|a (medical) specialist
総合病院|a general hospital
内科医|an internist; a physician
泌尿器科医|a urologist
婦人科医|a gynecologist
薬局|a pharmacy; a drugstore
胃カメラ|a gastrocamera
血圧|blood pressure
健康診断|a medical checkup [examination]; a physical
CTスキャン|computerized axial tomography; a CAT scan
通院[外来]患者|an outpatient
入院患者|an inpatient
静脈注射|an intravenous injection; an IV
食餌療法|a dietary cure
診断|a diagnosis
陣痛|labor (pains)
体温|(body) temperature
注射|a shot; an injection
点滴|a drip infusion; an intravenous drip
人間ドック|a complete medical checkup
|a fever; a temperature
脈拍|a pulse
予後診断|a prognosis
予防接種|a vaccination; an inoculation; an immunization
レントゲン写真|an X-ray
病気|an illness; a disease
アトピー性皮膚炎|atopic dermatitis
アルツハイマー病|Alzheimer's disease
アレルギー|an allergy
インフルエンザ|influenza; the flu
エイズ|AIDS(▼acquired immune deficiency syndromeの略)
エイズウイルス,ヒト免疫不全ウイルス|((have)) HIV(▼human immunodeficiency virusの略)
エイズ陽性|((be)) HIV-positive
かぜ|a cold; the common cold
花粉症|hay fever; pollinosis
|(a) cancer
拒食症|anorexia (nervosa)
腱鞘炎|carpal tunnel syndrome
小児麻痺|polio; infantile paralysis; poliomyelitis
食中毒|food poisoning
自律神経失調症|autonomic ataxia [imbalance]
心不全|heart failure; cardiac insufficiency
多[過]食症|bulimia (nervosa)
ノイローゼ|a nervous breakdown; (a) neurosis
脳梗塞|cerebral infarction
脳腫瘍|a brain [cerebral] tumor
脳卒中|a stroke
不眠症|insomnia; sleeplessness
むちうち症|(a) whiplash injury; whiplash
けが|an injury; 〔皮膚・筋肉等の傷,外傷〕a wound(▼injuryの方が意味が広く, wound, bruiseを含む)
あざ,打撲傷|a bruise
切り傷|a cut
骨折|a broken bone; a bone fracture
こぶ|a bump
しこり|a lump
できもの|a boil; 〔口の中の〕a canker (sore)
ねんざ|a sprain
やけど|a burn; 〔熱湯・湯気による〕a scald
アレルギーがある|be allergic ((to))
ガスがたまる|have a lot of gas
軽い痛み|a mild pain
呼吸が苦しい|have difficulty breathing
さしこむような痛み|a sharp [piercing; stabbing] pain
寒気がする|have chills
しこりがある|feel a lump
湿疹ができる|have eczema
食欲がない|have no appetite
ズキズキする痛み|a stinging [throbbing] pain
頭痛|a headache
チクチクする痛み|a smarting pain
鈍痛|a dull pain
熱っぽい|feel feverish
のどが痛い|have a sore throat
歯痛|a toothache
吐き気がする|feel nauseated
激しい痛み|「a severe [an acute] pain
ひどい生理痛がある|have severe cramps during one's (menstrual) periods
腹痛|a stomachache
便通がある|have a bowel movement
発疹ができる|get a rash
めまいがする|have a dizzy spell; feel dizzy
医師に処方箋をもらう|get a doctor's prescription
傷を縫ってもらう|have stitches taken
手術を受ける|undergo [have] 「an operation [surgery]
初診料|an initial-visit fee
退院する|leave (((米))the) hospital
通院する|receive regular outpatient treatment; see a doctor regularly
入院している|be in (((米))the) hospital
入院する|be hospitalized; enter (((米))the) hospital
抜糸する|remove the stitches ((from a wound))
  • 今朝熱を計ったら38.5度あった
    I took my temperature this morning, and it was 38.5℃.
  • この子に必要な予防注射をお願いします
    Could you update his [her] immunization shots?
  • 食餌療法中です
    I'm on a restricted diet.
  • 便秘がひどい
    I am badly constipated.
  • 机の角にぶつかって頭にこぶができた
    I hit my head on a corner of the desk and got a bump.
  • 花火で手にやけどをした
    I burned [burnt] my hand on some fireworks.
  • ころんで足首を捻挫した
    I fell down and sprained my ankle.
  • 腕を骨折した
    I broke my arm.
  • 腰が痛くて起きあがるのがつらい
    I have a pain in the small of my back and it is hard to get up.
  • ここ1週間胃が痛くて食欲がない
    I have had a stomachache for the last week, and I have no appetite.
  • 鼻水が出てのどが痛い
    I have a runny nose and a sore throat.
  • 体がぞくぞくして熱っぽい
    I have chills and feel feverish.
  • 腕に発疹ができてかゆくてたまらない
    I have a rash on my arm and it itches terribly.
  • 何かアレルギーがありますか
    Are you allergic to anything?
  • 入院して検査を受けた
    I was hospitalized 「to have tests [for tests].
  • 彼は2週間前手術を受け,今は快方に向かっている
    He had [underwent] surgery two weeks ago and is getting better now.

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