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景気|〔国や地域全体の景気〕the economy; economic activity [conditions]; the economic climate [environment]; 〔企業経営レベルでの景気〕business; business activity [conditions; trends]; the business climate [environment; cycle]
円高不況|a recession caused by the strong yen
恐慌|a depression; an economic panic
景気循環の谷間|「a cyclical [an economic] trough
景気動向|「a business [an economic] trend; economic performance
景気動向指数|the index of current business conditions
景気の悪化|a deterioration; a collapse
景気の一服|a rest
景気の回復|an economic recovery
景気の拡大|an expansion; economic growth
景気の過熱|an overheated economy
景気の後退|a recession
景気の好転|an upturn
景気の循環|an economic cycle; ((米))a business cycle; ((英))a trade cycle
景気の底|a cyclical bottom
景気の頂上|a cyclical peak
景気の中だるみ|a pause
景気の不透明感|uncertainty [concern] over the course of the economy
景気の変動|an economic fluctuation; a cyclical change
景気の冷却|cooling of the economy
景気見通し|an economic outlook [forecast]; economic prospects
好景気,好況|an economic boom; prosperity; ((in)) good times
高原景気|an economic plateau
構造不況|a structural recession
複合不況|a recession caused by (a combination of) many factors
不景気,不況|a recession; a depression; a slump
列島総不況|a recession affecting all of Japan
インフレ経済|an inflationary [inflated] economy
コストインフレ|cost-push inflation
資産インフレ|stock inflation
需要インフレ|demand inflation
需要シフトインフレ|demand-shift inflation
生産性格差インフレ|productivity gap inflation
輸入インフレ|inflation due to imports
資産デフレ|stock deflation
需要デフレ|demand deflation
スタグフレーション|stagflation; slumpflation; inflump
デフレスパイラル|a deflationary spiral
負債デフレ|debt deflation
バブル経済|the bubble economy
  • バブル経済の崩壊
    the collapse of the bubble economy.
景気動向指数|a diffusion index((略DI))
国内総生産|the gross domestic product((略GDP))
国民経済計算速報|Quick Estimates((略QE))
国民総生産|the gross national product((略GNP))
雇用統計|employment statistics
生産指数|a production index
日銀短観|a “tankan” survey; a Short-term Economic Survey of Enterprises in Japan
マネーサプライ|money supply
安定成長|stabilized [stable] growth
買替需要|replacement demand
外需|overseas demand
規制緩和|deregulation; relaxation of regulations
計画経済|a planned economy
経済活動|economic activity
経常収支|a current balance
経済水準|an economic standard
経済成長|economic growth
経済の自由化|economic deregulation [liberalization]
公共部門|the public sector
高度成長|high growth
国際収支|the international balance of payments
国民総支出|the gross national expenditure((略GNE))
個人消費|personal spending [consumption]
実質経済成長率|the inflation-adjusted economic growth rate
需給関係,需給状態|a supply-demand relationship
消費支出|consumer spending
消費者マインド|consumer confidence [sentiment]
設備投資|capital investment [outlay; spending]
ソフトランディング,軟着陸|a soft landing
低成長|low (economic) growth
統制経済|a controlled economy
内需|domestic demand
内需拡大|a stimulation [expansion] of domestic demand
民間部門|the private sector
名目経済成長率|the nominal economic growth rate
物価|(commodity) prices
一般物価水準|the general price level
卸売物価|wholesale prices
卸売物価指数|a wholesale price index
価格[市場]メカニズム|a price [market] mechanism
消費者物価|consumer prices
消費者物価指数|a consumer price index((略CPI))
便乗値上げ|the follow-up price increase
物価安定|price stability
物価下降|a price fall [decline; decrease]
物価指数|a price index((略WPI))
物価上昇|a price rise [increase]
物価上昇率|a price increase rate; the rate of price increase
物価スライド制|the indexation
物価変動,物価の動向|a price movement [trend]
物価暴騰|a price spurt
物価暴落|a price tumble [plunge; nosedive]
オープン価格|open pricing
卸売価格|a wholesale price
価格操作|〔企業による〕price fixing [rigging; manipulation]; 〔政府による〕price adjustment [management]
価格凍結[据置き]|a price freeze
価格統制|price controls ((on))
価格の維持|holding the price line; maintaining prices
価格破壊|price slashing; an overall decline in prices; drastic discounting; price erosion
希望小売価格|a recommended [suggested] retail price
小売価格,消費者価格|a retail [consumer] price
再販価格|a resale price
再販価格維持制度|the resale price maintainance system
市価|a market price
定価|a list price
店頭価格|a sticker price
独占価格|a monopoly price
内外価格差|price differentials between domestic and overseas markets; a price gap [disparity]
二重価格|two-tiered prices; dual pricing
  • 経済評論家は今年4月に景気が底を打ったと見ている
    Economic experts think that the economy 「hit bottom [bottomed out] this April.
  • この不況の中でもあの会社は見たところ景気がいいようだ
    That company is to all appearances doing quite well in this recession.
  • 経済の今後を予測するためにも最近の景気の動向に注目しなければならない
    To be able to predict what will come next in the economic arena, we should pay attention to recent business trends.
  • 米国景気の過熱への不安感が根強い
    There is a strong sense of anxiety over the overheated U. S. economy.
  • 進行する価格破壊に景気回復効果を期待する人もいる
    Some people expect that the ongoing price slashing will bring about an economic recovery.
  • 先月は全国で6,000人の失業者が出た
    Six thousand people across the nation went [became] jobless [unemployed] last month. /Six thousand workers lost their jobs nationwide last month.
  • その会社は3億円の負債を抱えて倒産した
    The company went bankrupt with liabilities of 300 million yen.
  • これまで大丈夫と思われていた大企業の多くが,今続々と破産を申請している
    Major companies which have been thought financially healthy are now filing for bankruptcy one after another.
  • 景気が悪い
    The economy is in bad [poor] shape. /Business is slow.
  • あと2,3か月で景気は良くなるだろう
    Business will 「pickup [improve] in a few months.
  • この四半期で景気はさらに悪化した
    The economy has further deteriorated in the past quarter.
  • わずかな減税では景気の刺激にはならない
    A small cut in taxes will not help stimulate the economy.
  • 政府は7兆円の景気刺激策を発表した
    The government has announced a stimulus package of 7 trillion yen.
  • 消費者マインドはすっかり冷え込んでいる
    Consumer confidence has completely disappeared.

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