• 差別する
    discriminate against ((a person))
  • 差別に苦しむ
    suffer discrimination
  • 差別を受けている人
    a person who is discriminated against
  • 逆差別
    reverse discrimination
  • 差別反対
差別条例|a discriminatory regulation
差別撤廃|the elimination of discrimination
差別用語[表現]|((use)) discriminatory language [expressions]; a discriminatory [derogatory] term
人権|human rights
平等|equality; impartiality
ポリティカルコレクトネス|political correctness(▼人権に配慮し差別を避けること)
人種差別|racial discrimination
  • 人種差別をする人
    a racist.
民族差別|ethnic discrimination
公民権法|the Civil Rights Act
黒人差別政策〔米国の〕|Jim Crow
国籍条項|a nationality requirement
差別撤廃措置〔米国の〕|Affirmative Action
差別防止・少数者保護に関する小委員会[人権小委員会]|the (UN) Subcommission on Prevention of Discrimination and Protection of Minorities((略SPDPM))
少数民族|a minority
人種差別撤廃条約|the International Convention on the Elimination of All Forms of Racial Discrimination
人種隔離地域|a segregated area
先住民族|an aboriginal people; aborigines(▼Aboriginesはオーストラリアの先住民族)
奴隷解放宣言|the Emancipation Proclamation
奴隷制度廃止主義者|an abolitionist
白人(優位)社会|a white-dominated society
融和的地域|an integrated area
ワスプ|a WASP(▼a white Anglo-Saxon Protestantの略)
性差別|sexual discrimination; discrimination by sex; sexism
  • 性差別をする人
    a sexist
女性開放運動|the women's liberation movement; women's lib
女子差別撤廃条約|the Convention on the Elimination of All Forms of Discrimination Against Women
女性参政権|women's suffrage
セクハラ|sexual harassment
  • セクハラを受ける
    be harassed sexually
選択的夫婦別姓|the right of a married couple to use separate surnames
男女雇用機会均等法|the Equal Employment Opportunity Law
男女平等|equality of the sexes; gender equality
男性優位論者|a male chauvinist
痴漢|a groper
同一労働同一賃金|equal pay for equal work; pay equity; ((米))comparable worth
階級差別|classism; class discrimination
学歴による差別|discrimination on the basis of educational level [background]
片親の子に対する差別|discrimination against singleparent children
年齢差別|agism; age discrimination
議長|a chair; a chairperson(a chairman)
実母|a birth mother(a real mother)
主婦|a homemaker(a housewife)
障害のある|physically challenged(disabled)
消防士|a firefighter(a fireman)
スチュワーデス|a flight attendant(a stewardess)
精神病の|mentally ill
セールスマン|a sales representative; a salesperson(a salesman)
有人の|staffed; crewed(manned)
郵便配達人|a mail carrier(a mailman)
労働力|the workforce; personnel(manpower)
割り勘にする|pay one's own way; split the cost ((of a meal))(go Dutch)
  • あらゆる差別をなくすべきだ
    We should eliminate [get rid of] every form of discrimination.
  • 彼女は学生を平等に扱った
    She treated the students impartially.
  • この辺は融和的地域だ
    This neighborhood is integrated.
  • 外国人も公務員に任用されるようになった
    The civil service has been opened to non-Japanese residents.
  • この会社は雇用における国籍条項を廃止した
    This company has eliminated [dropped] the nationality requirement in employment.
  • 障害者に対する社会的不公正をなくすべきだ
    We should eliminate [get rid of] social injustice against 「physically challenged [handicapped] people.
  • 女性差別の風潮はなかなか根強く残っている
    The tendency to discriminate against women is quite persistent.
  • 男性のみとされていたさまざまな仕事に女性が採用されている
    Women are now being hired for many jobs that were previously open only to men.
  • 女性同僚を「姉ちゃん」と呼ぶのは性差別である
    It is sexist to address female co-workers as “Honey.”
  • 社長は社員にセクハラをして訴えられた
    The company president was sued for sexually harassing an employee.
  • 電車のなかで痴漢にあった
    I was groped in the train.
  • 今までこの民族はさまざまな差別を受けてきた
    This race [people] has suffered various forms of discrimination. /This nation [people] has been discriminated against in various ways.
  • レストランで差別待遇を受けた
    I was treated differently at the restaurant.
  • 「垂直障害のある」というのは「背の低い」という表現をポリティカルコレクトネスに配慮して言い換えたものだ
    “Vertically challenged” is a politically correct term for “short.”

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