政治|politics; government
官僚政治|a bureaucratic government
企業献金|corporate contributions [donations] to a political party
金権政治|money politics; ((米))pork-barrel politics
金脈|a money pipeline
政治家|a statesman; a politician; a politico; ((口))a pol(▼statesmanは立派な政治家,その他の語は往々にして軽蔑的)
政治献金|a political donation [contribution]
政治資金|campaign funds; a campaign [((口))war] chest
政治資金規制法|the Political Fund Control Law
政治理念|a political belief [ideal; concept; philosophy]
買収資金|a slush fund
密室政治|backroom politics
政権|(political) power; a government
  • 政権を握る
    come into power /take [gain] power
  • 政権を失う
    lose power
革新政権|a reformist [progressive] government
55年体制|the 1955 system; a two-party system of government led by the Liberal Democratic Party with the Socialist Party in opposition
政界|the political world
政界再編|(a) political realignment
政権争い|a power struggle
政権交代|a change of government
単独政権|a single-party government [administration]
保守政権|a conservative government
保・保連合|a conservative coalition
連立政権|a coalition government
連立内閣|a coalition cabinet
政党|a political party
新党|a new (political) party
政党交付金|government subsidies for political parties
党員|a party member
党改革|party reform
党執行部|the party leadership [machinery]
党人事|assignment of party posts
党籍|party membership
  • 党籍を離脱する
    give up one's party membership /「withdraw from [leave] a party / ((米))bolt [desert] a party
党の分裂|the split-up [breakup] of a party
党本部|party headquarters
派閥|an intraparty faction
野党|an opposition party; 〔総称〕the opposition (parties)
与党|the party in power; the ruling party
選挙|an election
間接選挙|indirect election
国政選挙|a national election
参議院選挙|an Upper House election
市長選挙|a mayoral election
衆議院選挙|a Lower House election
総選挙|a general election
知事選挙|a gubernatorial election
地方選挙|a local election
直接選挙|direct election
統一地方選挙|nationwide local elections
普通選挙|((by)) popular election
普通選挙権|universal suffrage
補欠選挙|an election to fill a vacancy; ((主に英))a by-election
選挙区|a constituency; an electoral district
1人区|a single-seat district [constituency]
小選挙区制|the small-constituency system
選挙区改正|redrawing of electoral districts; redistricting; 〔自党に有利になる改正〕gerrymandering
全国区|the national [nationwide] constituency; the Japan-at-large constituency
大選挙区制|the large-constituency system
地方区|a local constituency; a local electoral district
中選挙区|a multiseat district [constituency]
中選挙区制|the medium-sized constituency system
2人区|a two-seat district [constituency]
比例代表制|the proportional representation system
運動員|a campaign worker [staffer]; a campaigner
後援会|a supporter's association; a society for the support of ((Mr. Ota))
公認候補|a ticketed [an officially ticketed] candidate
候補者|a candidate
選挙違反|an election violation [offense]; a violation of the election law
選挙運動|an election campaign; campaigning
  • 選挙運動をする
    campaign (for office); electioneer
選挙運動費,選挙資金|campaign funds
選挙カー|a campaign car [truck]
選挙公約|a campaign platform
選挙妨害|election obstruction; interference with an election campaign
選挙ポスター|a campaign poster
  • 投票依頼をする
買収|vote buying
遊説する|((米))stump; ((米))barnstorm; hit the campaign trial
立候補|candidacy, ((英))candidature
  • 立候補を表明する
    announce one's candidacy
開票|counting of ballots; the vote count
開票結果|election results [returns]
開票速報|up-to-the-minute returns
個人票|individual [unorganized] votes
固定票|solid votes; loyal votes
支持票|votes cast in support
地盤|one's electoral power base; one's electoral turf
世論調査|an opinion poll
選挙民|a constituent; 〔総称〕the electorate
組織票|organized votes; block votes
出口調査|((米))an exit poll
投票所|a polling station
投票箱|a ballot box
投票日|(an) election day
投票率|the voting percentage
批判票|votes cast in protest; protest votes
票,投票用紙|a vote; ((cast)) a ballot
  • 票の数え直し
    ((demand)) a recount
票田|one's power base
不在者投票|an absentee vote [ballot]
浮動票|uncommitted votes; the swing vote
無党派層|voters with no party affiliation
有権者|an eligible voter
  • このところ,政界再編への動きが活発化している
    These days there are many moves toward political realignment.
  • 彼は政権争いの軸となる人物だ
    He is the pivotal figure in the ongoing political power struggle.
  • 彼は知事選に立候補するため党を離脱した
    He left his party [gave up his party membership] to run [((英))stand] for governor.
  • 彼女は7月に行われる総選挙で民主党公認候補となっている
    She is 「an officially ticketed candidate of the Democratic Party [running on the Democratic ticket] in the July election.
  • 自民党は景気回復促進を選挙公約に掲げた
    The Liberal Democratic Party pledged [promised] in the election campaign to promote economic recovery.
  • この好天でたくさんの人が投票に訪れた
    The good weather resulted in a large turnout on Election Day.
  • NHKの出口調査では今回の選挙でその政党に投票した人は前回に比べ減少した模様だ
    According to an exit poll conducted by NHK, there were fewer people who voted for that party in this election than in the last election.
  • 当選者のひとりが買収で逮捕され次点の人が繰り上げ当選となった
    As one of the winning candidates was arrested for vote buying, the runner-up was awarded the election.
  • 最大野党の民主党がこの総選挙で政権を握るかどうか注目されている
    Whether the Democratic Party, the largest opposition party, will gain power in the coming general election is the center of interest [attention].
  • 若者の政治離れが進んでいる
    Young people are getting more and more disillusioned with politics.
  • この夏総選挙が行われる
    A general election will be held this summer.
  • 彼は再選された
    He was reelected [((英))returned].
  • 彼は落選した
    He 「lost (the election) [was defeated].
  • 彼女は当確を付けた
    She was declared a [the] winner. (▼theは議席が1つの場合)
  • 田中氏の死亡で次点の候補者が繰り上げ当選となった
    The runner-up was awarded a seat as a result of Mr. Tanaka's death.
  • わずか50票の差で次点になった
    Only fifty votes behind, he ended up as runner-up. /He lost by only fifty votes.
  • 最近は政党派閥の離合集散が激しい
    There are constant realignments among political factions these days.
  • 社民党は連立の一角として政権に返り咲いた
    The Social Democratic Party regained power in the coalition government.
  • バブルがはじけてから企業献金は目立って減った
    Corporate donations to political parties decreased remarkably after the bubble burst.
  • 多くの批判にもかかわらず金権政治は健在だ
    Money politics thrives in spite of repeated criticism.
  • 投票率が低いと組織票を持つ政党に有利だ
    A low turnout is advantageous to a party with organized votes.

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