1 〔目で〕see, look ((at)) (seeは目に入ること,見えること.look atは見ようとしてそちらへ目を向けること); 〔目撃する〕witness
  • ちらりと見る
    glance ((at))/〔ちらりと目に入る〕catch a glimpse ((of))
  • 注意して見る
  • じろじろ見る
    stare [gaze]((at))
  • よく見る
    look carefully ((at))/have a good look ((at))
  • 見てごらん
    Look (and see).
  • 誰だか行って見て来よう
    I'll go and see who it is.
  • あんな恐ろしい光景は見たことがない
    That was the most horrible sight I have ever seen [witnessed].
  • 夢を見る
    have a dream/dream a ((good)) dream
  • その光景は見るにしのびなかった
    I could not bear to look at the sight.
  • 彼を見るのもいやだ
    I hate [can't bear] even the sight of him.
  • 見ると聞くとは大違いだった
    There was a great difference between what I saw and what I had heard./What I saw was quite different from what I had been told.
  • 彼が腹を立てたのを見たことがない
    I have never known him to get angry.
2 〔観察する〕observe, look ((at)),see; 〔視察する〕inspect, visit
  • 米国滞在中に見たことを話そう
    I'll tell you what I observed during my stay in the United States.
  • 子供たちは蝶々をよく見た
    The children observed the butterflies carefully.
  • 外国人の見た日本
    Japan 「as foreigners see it [as seen by foreigners]
  • 英語の授業を見に行った
    I visited an English class.
  • 景気の回復の兆しが見られない
    There are no signs of an upturn in the economy.
3 〔うかがう〕
  • しばらく様子を見る
    wait for a while and see how things turn out
  • 機会を見て彼を訪ねたい
    When I have a chance, I'll call on him.
4 〔名所を見物する〕see the sights ((of)); 〔見物に行く〕visit
  • 奈良を見る
    see the sights of Nara/do Nara
  • 博物館を見る
    visit a museum
  • 映画[芝居]を見る
    see 「a movie [a play]
  • テレビで映画を見る
    watch [see] a movie on TV
5 〔読む〕read; 〔目を通す〕look through [over]
  • 今日の新聞を見ましたか
    Have you read today's paper?
  • きのう新聞でその記事を見た
    I saw that story in yesterday's newspaper.
  • この手紙を見ていただけますか
    Will you look through this letter?
  • 書類をざっと見る
    look [run one's eyes] over the papers
6 〔調べる〕look over, look into, examine; 〔辞書・書物などを〕consult ((a dictionary))
  • 答案を見る
    look over the examination papers
  • 今その件に関する文献を見ているところだ
    We are looking into the literature on the matter now.
  • 2階のストーブを消したかどうか見てきます
    I'll go and see if I turned off the stove upstairs.
  • 私の時計のどこが悪いか見てください
    Please take a look and see what's wrong with my watch.
7 〔判断する〕judge ((that)); 〔推定する〕presume ((that)); 〔見なす〕regard ((as))
  • 外見を見るとそんなに悪くない
    Judging by [from] its appearance it is not so bad.
  • 彼を良家の出だと見た
    I judged him to be from a respectable family.
  • 私の見たところでは受けた損害はほとんど取り返しがつかないだろう
    「In my opinion [As I see it], the loss incurred is almost irrevocable.
  • 遭難者のほとんどは死んだものと見られている
    It is presumed that most of the victims are dead.
  • 彼らはどう見ても理想的なカップルだ
    They are an ideal couple in every respect.
  • それは役に立たないと見ていた
    He regarded it as useless.
  • 駅まで30分見れば間違いない
    If you allow thirty minutes, you'll have plenty of time to get to the station.
  • 家賃は20万円と見ておこう
    Let's estimate the rent at two hundred thousand yen.
  • 彼は人を見る目がある
    He is a good judge of character.
8 〔世話する〕look after, take care of ((a person)); 〔看護する〕attend to
  • 赤ん坊の面倒をよく見る
    take good care of a baby
  • 両親の老後の面倒を見る
    look after [attend to] one's parents in their old age
  • 経理を見る
    be in charge of the account books
9 〔経験する〕experience
  • 痛い目を見る
    have a terrible experience
  • 今に見ていろ
    You'll be sorry for this!
  • それ見たことか
    I told you so!
10 〔「…してみると」の形で〕
  • 気が付いてみると皆が私を見ていた
    When I 「came to [recovered consciousness] I found everyone (was) looking at me.
  • なぐられた方にしてみると腹が立っただろう
    If you put yourself in his place, you will see how angry he was when you struck him.
11 〔「…してみる」の形で〕try; have a try ((at))
  • コートを着て[帽子をかぶって]みる
    try on a coat [hat]/try a coat [hat] on
  • やれるものならやってみろ
    Go ahead and try if you dare.
  • 試しにやってみよう
    I'll [We'll] 「give it a try [((口)) have a go at it].
  • 一口食べてみなさい
    Have a bite and see how it tastes./Try a bite of it.
  • 月に行ってみたい
    I wish I could visit the moon./I'd like to visit the moon.
  • 行くだけ行ってみたら
    Why don't you just go, anyway, and see what it's like?
  • 見ての通り
  • 見ての通り小さい家です
    It's a small house, as you (can) see.
  • 見る影もない
  • 彼は見る影もないほどやつれていた
    He was worn to a shadow./He had wasted away to a mere shadow.
  • 見るに耐えない
  • 彼らの窮状は見るに耐えない
    I cannot bear to see them in such a plight.
  • 見るに見かねて
  • 見るに見かねて彼の手助けをした
    Unable to stand by with folded arms, I helped him out.
  • 見るべき
  • ここには見るべきものは何もない
    There is nothing 「to see [worth seeing] here.
  • 実験では見るべき成果があがらなかった
    We didn't obtain any noteworthy results from the experiment.

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