bank account

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bank account

銀行口座 銀行預金口座 銀行勘定 預金 (⇒cashless society, transfer)

bank accountの用例

About 50 percent of the money stolen from personal bank accounts via the Internet was withdrawn from ATMs and 20 percent was transferred to at least 17 foreign countries, including Ukraine and Russia.

A major Internet shopping mall program which began in March 2000 allows payments to be made immediately through the bank accounts of users.

A total of ¥1.46 billion was stolen from bank accounts via the Internet as online thefts in Japan in 2013, the National Police Agency said.

Bank accounts have become indispensable in crimes such as black-market lending and drug trafficking.

Money laundering is the practice of legitimizing money gained through illegal drug and gun sales or other crimes by putting it through bank accounts.

The bullies made the schoolboy shoplift, extorted money from him or forced him to disclose a PIN code for his bank account, which allowed his tormentors to withdraw money.

The firm’s shell companies allegedly pooled about ¥1 billion in slush funds by padding bills for the construction projects in their overseas bank accounts.

The first secretary at the Chinese Embassy in Tokyo used a fraudulently obtained alien registration certificate to open a bank account.

The new Net-debit service will enable consumers to make purchases on the Internet and have the cost deducted automatically from their bank or postal savings accounts.

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