class action

英和 用語・用例辞典の解説

class action

集団代表訴訟 集団訴訟 (=class action, class action lawsuit, representative action)

class actionの関連語句

class actionの用例

According to the government’s standard classification, class-2 information in terms of confidentiality is defined as items whose disclosure may infringe citizens’ rights or administrative operations.

In conjunction with the introduction of new education guidelines in April 2013, high school English classes are to be conducted in English in principle.

Movies are used as a teaching tool in some high school English classes as the magic of movies sweeps away students’ allergy to English.

The business community, which will hire university graduates, is skeptical of the current state of university education because many students tend to attend classes only passively.

The Foreign Ministry’s classified documents possibly stolen from its computer include conference materials that could be considered class-2 information in terms of confidentiality according to the government’s standard classification.

The Trump administration rescinded a regulation policy requiring foreign students to transfer or leave the country if their schools hold classes entirely online due to the coronavirus pandemic.

Universities are recommended by the Central Council for Education to increase interactive, discussion-based classes rather than having one-way lectures in large classrooms.

When the ban on job hunting ends, third-year university students often skip classes as they become busy preparing statements of reasons for wanting to join companies and going to orientation meetings organized by companies for prospective employees.

class action

集団代表訴訟 集団訴訟 クラス・アクション (=class action lawsuit, class action suit, representative action)

class actionの用例

Some of the pending actions purport to be class actions.

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cláss áction


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