1 〔肺なども含めた胸部全体〕the chest; 〔胸部の前面〕the breast (時に乳房を含む)
  • 広い胸
    a broad chest
  • 胸に手を組む
    clasp one's hands in front of one's chest
  • 胸いっぱい空気を吸う
    take a deep breath
2 〔衣服の胸〕
  • 胸のポケット
    a breast pocket
  • 彼女は小鳥を胸に入れて暖めた
    She warmed the little bird in her bosom [búzm].
3 〔肺〕
  • 胸がむかつく
    have a weak chest/have lung trouble/〔結核〕suffer from tuberculosis
4 〔心臓〕
  • 胸がどきどきする
    My heart is pounding.
  • ちょっと歩いただけで胸が苦しい
    I feel a tightness in my chest after even a short walk.
5 〔胃〕the stomach
  • 胸がむかつく
    I feel sick./I want to 「throw up [vomit]. (▼sickのほうが婉曲的)
II 〔心,思い〕
  • 胸の中を明かす
    unburden oneself/confide ((in a person))
  • ある考えが胸に浮かんだ
    An idea occurred [came] to me.
  • 自分の胸によく聞いてごらんなさい
    Ask yourself./Ask your own conscience.
  • これで胸がすっとした
    This takes a load off my mind.⇒胸がすく
  • 胸が一杯である
  • 感激で胸が一杯だ
    My heart is full of deep emotion.
  • くやしさで胸が一杯だ
    My heart is bursting with frustration.
  • 胸が踊る
  • 彼は喜びで胸が踊った
    His heartbeat with delight [leaped with joy].
  • 胸が裂ける
  • 胸が裂けるような
  • 親友の突然の死に胸が裂ける思いだった
    My heart almost burst with grief at the sudden death of my close friend.
  • 胸が騒ぐ
  • 変に胸が騒ぐ
    I have a strange presentiment.⇒むなさわぎ(胸騒ぎ)
  • 胸がすく
  • 言いたいことを言ったら胸のすく思いがした
    I felt relieved [satisfied] after I had had my say.
  • 胸が潰つぶれる
1 〔ひどく驚く〕
  • 党首が暗殺されたと聞いて胸がつぶれた
    I was horrified to hear that the party leader had been assassinated.
2 〔ひどく悲しむ〕
  • 悲しみに胸がつぶれた
    She was choked with sorrow.
  • 胸が詰まる
1 〔胸がつかえる〕
  • 胸がつまって息苦しかった
    I felt a tightness in my chest and it was hard to breathe.
2 〔胸がいっぱいになる〕be choked up; have a lump in one's throat
  • 彼女の思いやりのある言葉に胸が詰まった
    Her kind words caused a lump to rise in my throat.
  • 胸がはずむ
  • すばらしい知らせに胸がはずんだ
    My heart leaped at the good news.
  • 胸がふさがる
  • 胸が焼ける
2 〔しっとで〕burn with jealousy
  • 胸が悪くなる
  • あいつの顔を見ると胸が悪くなる
    The sight of him 「makes me sick [turns my stomach].
  • 胸に一物がある
    have some 「plot in mind [secret intention]
  • 胸に描く
  • この町は胸に描いていた故国の面影をどこにも残していなかった
    In this town, there was nothing left of the homeland that I had imagined [pictured to myself].
  • 胸にこたえる
  • 彼の苦言は胸にこたえた
    His candid advice 「hit home [went home to my heart]./((口)) His candid advice got to me.
  • 胸に迫る
  • 彼の演説は聞く人の胸に迫った
    His speech moved [touched] the audience.
  • 胸に畳む
  • その件は私だけの胸に畳んでおくことにした
    I decided to keep the matter to myself.
  • 胸に手を当てて[置いて]
  • 胸に手を当ててよく考えてごらん
    Think the matter over carefully.
  • 胸に秘める
    keep ((a matter)) to oneself
  • その青年への思いを胸に秘めたまま彼女はこの地を去った
    She left this town with her love for the young man locked up in her bosom.
  • 彼はある決意を胸に秘めて伯父を訪ねた
    He went to see his uncle with a secret determination.
  • 胸のつかえが下りる
  • 彼の誤解がとけて胸のつかえがおりた
    Now that he no longer misunderstood me, I 「felt relieved [felt a weight off my mind].
  • 胸を痛める
  • 彼は家出をした妹のことで胸を痛めていた
    He was deeply worried about his sister, who had run away from home.
  • 胸を打つ
  • 彼の悲痛な訴えに胸を打たれた
    I was moved [touched] by his plaintive appeal.
  • 胸を打つ場面
    a moving [touching] scene
  • 胸を踊らせる
    get excited ((over, at)); be thrilled ((at the news))
  • 胸を踊らせて彼女が来るのを待った
    I waited for her eagerly.
  • 胸を貸す
    〔相撲で〕allow a weaker wrestler to practice on one; 〔一般に,相手になる〕give somebody a workout
  • 胸を焦がす
  • 彼への愛に胸を焦がしている
    She is burning with love for him.
  • 胸をさする
  • 胸をたたく
  • その仕事ならまかせておけと胸をたたいた
    He said self-confidently that we could leave that job to him.
  • 胸を突かれる
  • 思いがけない彼女の言葉に,はっと胸を突かれた
    Her unexpected words pierced me to the heart.
  • 胸をなで下ろす
  • 彼が無事だと聞いて胸をなでおろした
    Hearing he was safe, I 「heaved a sigh of relief [felt a weight had been taken off my mind].
  • 胸をはずませる
  • 子供たちは期待に胸をはずませていた
    The children were filled with joyful expectation.
  • 胸を張る
1 〔胸をそらす〕stick out one's chest; 〔姿勢を正す〕straighten oneself up
2 〔誇らしげな態度をとる〕
  • 堂々と胸を張って行進した
    They marched proudly [with their heads held high].
  • 胸を膨らませる
  • 彼は希望に胸を膨らませていた
    He was full of happy expectations.

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