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1 〔談話〕a talk ((about, on)); 〔会話〕a conversation ((about)); 〔話題〕a topic
話をする|talk; speak
  • 話を始める
    begin to talk
  • 話をやめる
    stop talking
  • 話を続ける
    keep (on) talking
  • 話をさえぎる
    interrupt [break into] a conversation
  • 彼女とはなぜか話が合う
    For some reason, I find her easy to talk to.
  • どうも彼とは話が合わない
    He and I just don't hit it off.
  • 話を元に戻しましょう
    Let's get back to what we were talking about.
  • え,何の話だい
    What are you talking about?
  • 妙な話なんですが…
    It may sound strange, but...
  • 話を持ち出す
    bring up a subject [topic]
  • 話は変わりますが,旅行の日程は決まりましたか
    Not to change the subject, but have you decided on the itinerary for your trip?
  • 話変わって
    on the other hand/meanwhile
  • これはここだけの話ですよ
    This is (just) between 「you and me [us].
2 〔相談〕consultation (しばしば複数形); 〔交渉〕negotiations
  • 息子のことで先生に話をした
    I consulted the teacher about my son.
  • その件につき彼と数回話をした
    I have had several talks with him about that matter.
  • 話をまとめる
    settle a matter ((with a person))/〔縁談を〕arrange a marriage
  • 彼にその話を持ち掛けてみた
    I approached him with the proposal./I broached him on the subject.
  • 話がこじれてだめになった
    The negotiations [talks] 「got stalled [became deadlocked] and ended in failure.
  • 話ばかりで一向にはかどらない
    There is too much talk and not enough work being done.
  • それは話がうますぎる
    That's too good to be true.
  • それでは全然話が違う
    That wasn't our understanding.
  • それなら話は別だ
    That's a 「different matter [((口)) horse of a different color].
3 〔物語〕a story, a tale (taleは昔話・お伽話などに使われることが多い); 〔挿話〕an episode
  • 孝行息子の古い話
    an old tale of a dutiful son
  • その人の伝記にはおかしい話がいくつか出てくる
    Some amusing episodes are related in his biography.
  • 兎と亀の話〔寓話〕
    the fable of the hare and the tortoise
  • 信じられないような話だ
    It is an incredible story.
4 〔うわさ〕(a) rumor,((英)) (a) rumour
  • 近く政変があるという話だ
    Rumor 「has it [says] that there will be a change of government before long.
  • 彼が海外に派遣されるという話だ
    They say [I've heard] that he will be sent abroad.
  • そういう話だそうですね
    So I understand [am told].
  • 学校中がその話で持ち切りだ
    The whole school is talking of nothing else.
5 〔物事の道理〕
  • 話のわかる人
    an understanding person
  • 話のわからない人だ
    He is an unreasonable person./It's very hard to get through to him.
  • それじゃ話が逆だ
    It's the other way around.
  • 話が落ちる
  • その後話が落ちていった
    After that the conversationgrew indecent [descended into the gutter].
  • 話がかみ合わない
  • 話がかみ合わなかった
    They were talking on different wavelengths.
  • 話がつく
  • 建築用地について彼と話がついた
    We came to an agreement with him about the building site.
  • 話がはずむ
  • ますます話がはずんだ
    The conversation grew more lively.
  • 話が早い
  • 彼に頼むと話が早い
    If you want it done quickly, ask him to do it.
  • 話にならない
  • てんで話にならない
    That is absurd [ridiculous]./It is out of the question.
  • 話に花が咲く
  • 話に花が咲いた
    We talked on about various subjects.
  • 話の腰を折る
  • 話の腰を折らないでくれ
    Don't butt in and spoil my story.
  • 話をそらす
    change the subject
  • 話をつける
    〔交渉する〕negotiate ((something with a person)); 〔打ち合わせる〕arrange ((something with a person))

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