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(名)事例 問題 事件 件数 見方 論拠 理由 主張 陳述 申立て 訴訟 判例 症例 患者 感染者 対象者 受給者 保護対象者 場合 実情 実態 真相 事実 風変わりな人 変人 ケース (⇒coronavirus case, criminal case)



About 5 to 10 percent of cancer cases are now thought to be caused by infectious diseases.

According to the Finance Ministry’s Customs and Tariff Bureau, 127 drug detection dogs uncovered 46 cases of drug smuggling and other illegal act last fiscal year.

According to the National Police Agency, about 4,000 to 5,000 cases of sexual violence against children are recorded every year, and many sex offenders tend to repeatedly commit similar acts of abuse.

Accumulating objective evidence is important to get to the bottom of the case by avoiding strong-arm investigations.

A major bone of contention in the trial of the lung cancer drug Iressa case was whether the importer and seller’s provision of information on Iressa’s side effects to medical institutions was sufficient.

Among the 27 accidents Paloma Industries has made public, this case is the only one whose five year statute of limitations for professional negligence resulting in death has not expired.

As a case of children conceived through donated sperm, the man discovered that he had no genetic link to his father when he examined his own white blood cells and those of his parents as part of his practical training in his fifth year at a medical faculty.

As a case of Japan’s delay in digitization, confusion arose over online applications for the provision of special fixed cash benefits of ¥100,000 per person amid the coronavirus (COVID-19) crisis.

As a case of voter fraud, officials at one facility for the mentally handicapped instructed residents to vote for a certain candidate.

As a worst-case scenario, armed anti-Assad groups will take unrestrained military actions if the ceasefire accord is broken.

As for infrastructure projects, there have been cases in which the only real beneficiaries were construction companies that received orders and powerful people in the recipient countries.

As regards technical intern trainees, there has been a succession of cases involving the disappearance of intern trainees who owe brokers large debts.

As the result of prenatal diagnosis, there are many cases where expectant mothers choose abortion after being shocked at the possibility of having a baby with a chromosome abnormality.

A string of cases involving corporal punishment during club activities at schools have been revealed, but the scourge of violence at schools must be stamped out.

At district courts, the number of civil suit cases demanding the reimbursement of overpayment to moneylenders has decreased since 2010.

At the meeting of the tripartite senior diplomatic officials in Washington, Japan, the United States and South Korea agreed that if Pyongyang launches a long-range ballistic missile, the three countries will bring the case to the U.N. Security Council to call for decisive international action.

By collecting medical information on 10 million cases from 10 medical institutions around the country, the Health, Labor and Welfare Ministry will create a database of patients’ medical information to obtain accurate picture of the occurrence of side effects from medical drugs.

China lost an appeal at the WTO in a case about its export restrictions on raw materials including bauxite, magnesium and zinc.

China’s Railway Ministry with its own police force and court system, which is to be dissolved soon, has been criticized as a hotbed of corruption due to endless bribery cases.

Countries with possible cases of the SARS-like novel coronavirus were warned by the WHO that they must share information.

Courts have had to uphold the principle that defendants must be given the benefit of the doubt in all cases after the introduction of the lay judge system in 2009.

Currently, juvenile cases are all handled by family courts and delinquents who have committed serious crimes are housed in a juvenile classification home.

Even at core hospitals for cancer treatment, anti-nausea drugs were not administered in 40 percent of cases in which they should have been used along with anticancer therapy.

France and other key U.S. allies declared that Secretary of State Colin Powell had not made a case for an early armed strike against Iraq.

In a school bullying case, papers on two of three classmates were sent to prosecutors on suspicion of assault or other charges and the other was sent to a child consultation center for delinquency.

In cases of fraud conducted under the pretext of the change of era name, false letters were delivered saying that a bank cash card needed to be changed.

In February and March, there were 55 cases of hacking in which private corporations’ Web sites were altered so that they criticized the Japanese government in Chinese.

In Japan, DVD recordings of investigators’ interrogations of suspects have been shown in six cases tried under the lay judge system.

In response to a series of false labeling cases at hotels, department stores and elsewhere, the Consumer Affairs Agency will introduce a system to impose administrative monetary penalties on those involved in food mislabeling.

Insider information in the four insider trading cases was passed through the “Chinese Wall” which is supposed to exist between a sales department and a corporate section.

In the case involving the poisoning of Chinese frozen gyoza dumplings which came to light in 2008, a Chinese defendant, a temporary worker at the manufacturer of frozen gyoza, has been sentenced to life imprisonment.

In the case of a computer virus to operate other people’s computers by remote control, the arrests of four innocent men have left indelible stains on the reputation of the police.

In the case of foreign currency deposits by the U.S. dollar, many online banks charge about ¥0.25 in commission per dollar at the time of deposits and withdrawals.

In the case of single-premium whole life insurance policies, policyholders make one large premium payment up front when they sign the contract.

In three insider trading cases, Nomura Securities Co. allegedly leaked information on a planned capital increase before it was made public.

Intractable diseases generally refer to those for which treatment has not yet been established due to a low number of cases.

It is very difficult to hand down guilty rulings on cases lacking a defendant’s confession or direct evidence.

It’s a gross blunder by the police that it has become far more difficult to determine the truth behind an extremely abnormal case in the history of crime as the central figure in the case committed suicide in a police detention cell.

JR Hokkaido’s falsification of track inspection data had become the norm. The practice was passed down from predecessors in many cases and some workers at sections in charge of track inspections were told to do so by superiors.

Lack of opportunity to thoroughly discuss cases among judges at district courts without using a council system, will lead to dogmatic rulings.

Lehman Brothers’ case offered a lesson to be learned on what policies should be taken to handle similar cases in the future.

Many cases of ATM fraud were perpetrated using technique called skimming.

Many victims of online theft cases received phishing e-mails, which are intended to trick recipients into visiting fake bank websites that ask for personal information.

Members of the committee for the inquest of prosecution, who are chosen from ordinary citizens, make their decisions based on evidence and other materials submitted by prosecutors whether prosecutors’ decision to drop a case was proper.

Resident registration numbers were leaked via the Internet in South Korea, which resulted in a number of cases of fraud in which identity thieves bought things using others’ numbers.

Since the poisoned gyoza case came to light in 2008, some Japanese companies in China have adopted measures to prevent toxic substances from contaminating their products by setting up security cameras at their factories and requiring workers to wear pocketless working uniforms.

Spaniards have been sick of Juan Carlos’s jet-set lifestyle and close friendships with young women, as well as his son-in-law’s corruption case.

Stable yields on Italian government bonds and the uplifting in the values of Japanese stocks are two representative cases of securities which have benefited from the turnaround in investors’ sentiment.

The Abe government plans to enhance moral education at school as serious bullying cases have surfaced around the country.

The high court‘s decision over the case of a May 2008 murder is considered to be consistent with the cardinal rule of criminal trials, which gives the defendant the benefit of the doubt.

The number of recognized domestic violence cases from January to May 2012 increased 3,000 to 16,960 from the same period of the previous year.

The number of rubella cases which have been reported chiefly from the Kanto region is 20 times higher than the figure reported during the corresponding period last year.

There are cases in which Google’s Android smartphone users are asked to pay large bills after installing a virus-infected application that steals their personal information.

There are many cases in which companies have canceled [withdrawn] job offers due to the outbreak of the novel [new] coronavirus, so the public and private sectors must work together to prevent a recurrence of the employment ice age in hiring new graduates.

There are many cases of sex crimes in which children under 18 years old were lured out by men they met through the Internet and social media, and the men committed indecent acts on the children or pressured them to send naked pictures of themselves.

There are some cases in which employees receive no overtime pay even though they work more than 100 hours of overtime per month.

There are some cases where [in which] temporary housing is located far from an evacuee’s home.

The shipment volume of beer and quasi-beer by five major beer companies in July 2013 was 44.37 million cases, each of which contains the equivalent of 20633-milliliter bottles, a 3.3 percent increase from the same month last year.

The Supreme Court will increase the subjects of civil cases which can be decided by a council of three attending judges for first trials.

The Supreme Public Prosecutors Office announced measures to make visual and audio recordings of interrogations from the time the committee for the inquest of prosecution decides to overrule prosecutors’ decisions to drop cases.

The Tokyo metropolitan government received many inquiries on similar cases last year.

Tokyo reached triple digits in new coronavirus cases in a single day for four consecutive days.

Tor used in a computer virus case in which four men were mistakenly arrested can hide a user’s identity by sending messages via several servers abroad.

Under civil law, a preferential right is applied to cases such as employees’ salaries when their companies become insolvent.

Virus cases in Tokyo exceeded 200 for the third consecutive day in a single day.

出典 日外アソシエーツ「英和 用語・用例辞典」英和 用語・用例辞典について 情報




1 [C](出来事・状況の)個々の事例,場合,実例

in this case

in any case

in many cases

1a 〔the ~〕実情,事実,真実

such being the case

as the case stands now

as is always the case with ...

whatever the case may be

That is not the case.

It is not the case that ....

1b [C]犯罪事件

crack a case


2 [C]《法律》訴訟(事件),裁判;判例

a civil [criminal] case

have a case

try a case

win [lose] a case

dismiss [drop] the case against ...

2a [C](訴えの)論拠,根拠,主張,(…に有利な/…に不利な)申し立て,訴訟事実≪for/against≫;(法廷に提出する)事実記載書

make (out) a (good) case for [against] ...

prove one's [the] case

make one's [the] case for ...


3 [C]〔修飾語を伴って〕症例,病状;患者(◆人より病状に力点)

a case of pneumonia

accept emergency cases

3a [C](社会福祉の)ケース;(保護・救済の)対象[該当]者

3b [C]((略式))かわいそうな人,哀れな人,(…な)やつ;((やや古・略式))奇人,変人

4 [C][U]《文法》格(の体系)

as the case may be


be on A's case


be on the case


get off my case


in case ...

1 ((主に米略式))もし…の場合は,もし[万一]…なら(◆if より口語的)

In case there is an accident, report it to me at once.

2 …の場合に備えて;…するといけないから(lest

Take your umbrella (just) in case it rains [should rain].

I've brought my bathing suit in case we have a chance to use the pool.
ことによるとプールが使えるかと思って水着を持ってきた(◆in caseのあとの動詞は直説法現在,should+原形,仮定法過去のいずれか)

in case of A

1 〔通例文頭で〕Aの場合には(◆具体的に個々の場合をさすときは in cases of A)

In case of emergency, press this button.

2 〔通例文尾で〕Aに備えて,Aの用心に

in nine cases out of ten


in no case


in that case


in the case of A

Aに関して言えば,Aについては(as regards);Aの場合に

I rest my case.

1 ((形式))《法律》これで証拠提出[弁論]を終わります

2 ((戯))ほら言ったとおりだろう(◆自分が言ったばかりのことが立証されたときに言う)




1 (箱・袋などの)容器,入れ物,…ケース,((英))スーツケース(suitcase);箱,1ケース(の量);(2個の)一対

a glass case

a jewelry case

a case of wine

2 保護ケース,おおい,カバー;(豆類の)さや;(窓などの)枠,ケース;《印刷》活字ケース

a seed case


1 〈物を〉(容器などに)収める;〔通例受身形で〕〈物を〉(…で)すっぽり包む[囲む,おおう];化粧仕上げする≪in

2 ((略式))〈場所を〉(盗みの前に)下見する

case the joint


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