1 〔外に行く〕go out
  • 庭に出ようか
    Let's go out in [into] the garden.
  • 母は買い物に[用事で]出ています
    My mother is out shopping [on an errand].
  • 部屋から出て来なさい
    Come out of your room.
  • 出て行け
    Get out!/Go away!
  • パパはもうお風呂から出た
    Daddy has already finished his bath.
  • その男は先月刑務所を出たばかりだ
    The man was released from prison only last month.
2 〔進み出る〕
  • 一歩前へ出なさい
    Step forward.
3 〔出発する〕
  • 旅行に出る
    start [set outleave] on a journey
  • 今度の急行は5番ホームから出る
    The next express will depart from platform number five.
  • 何時に家を出ようか
    What time shall we leave (home) ?
  • 彼女は15歳の時に東京に出て来た
    She came (((英))up) to Tokyo at the age of fifteen.
  • 駅前から公園行きのバスが出ています
    There is a bus that runs to the park from the station.
4 〔現れる〕
  • 日が出た
    The sun has risen.
  • 今夜は月が出ている
    The moon is out tonight.
  • この家には幽霊が出る
    A ghost haunts this house./This house is haunted.
  • その家はごきぶりがたくさん出る
    The house is infested with cockroaches.
  • 畑から小判がたくさん出てきた
    A lot of ancient gold coins have beendug up [founddiscovered] in the field.
  • 彼はよくテレビ[舞台]に出る
    He often appears on television [the stage].
  • すいかが市場に出ている
    Watermelons are on the market.
  • クロッカスの芽が出た
    The crocus buds have come out.
  • 私は酒を飲むとすぐ顔に出る
    The effect of sake appears immediately on my face.
  • 驚きの色が顔に出た
    He looked astonished./His surprise showed on his face.
5 〔突き出る〕
  • くぎの頭が出ている
    The head of a nail is sticking out.
  • スリップがスカートの下から出ていますよ
    Your slip is showing.
  • 腹が出ている
    He has a potbelly [beerbelly/paunch].
6 〔流れ出る〕
  • 目から涙が出た
    Tears fell [flowed] from his eyes.
  • 鼻水が出ている
    His nose is running.
  • 腕から血が出ている
    His arm is bleeding.
  • よだれが出た
    My mouth watered.
  • 額に玉のような汗が出ていた
    Perspiration stood in beads on his forehead.
  • この谷は温泉が出る
    There is a hot spring in this valley.
7 〔出席する〕attend; 〔参加する〕participate ((in)); 〔出馬する〕((米)) run,((英)) stand ((for president, in an election))
  • 会合[講義]に出る
    attend [be present at] a meeting [lecture]
  • 式に出た
    I was present at the ceremony.
  • 法廷に出る
    appear in court
  • 今日は会社に出ている
    He is at the office today.
  • 試合[弁論大会]に出た
    I took part in 「a game [a speech contest].
  • 人前に出ると気後れがする
    I feel shy in the presence of others.
8 〔電話に答える〕
  • 電話に出てください
    Please answer the phone.
  • はい,お出になりました〔交換手が〕
    You are connected.
  • 母は今電話に出ている
    My mother is on the phone (right) now.
9 〔到達する〕
  • 間もなく村へ出た
    Soon we came to a village.
  • この道は海に出る
    This road leads [goes down] to the sea.
  • 20分で街道へ出た
    We reached [struck] the highway after twenty minutes.
10 〔超過する〕⇒こえる(越える)
  • 3日を出ないうちに仕上がるだろう
    It will be finished within three days.
  • 彼は40を出ている
    He is over forty.
  • 費用は2,000円を少し出た
    The expenses ran a little over 2,000 yen.
11 〔出版・掲載される〕
  • 私の本はもうじき出る
    My book willcome out [be published] soon.
  • 最近出た本
    a newly published book
  • 特別号はいつ出るのですか
    When will the special number 「be issued [come out]?
  • そのニュースは明日の新聞に出る
    The news will appear [be] in tomorrow's papers.
  • あの事件が週刊誌に詳しく出ている
    The incident is reported in detail in a weekly magazine.
  • 彼は電話番号を電話帳に載せていない
    His telephone number is 「not in the phone book [((米)) unlisted/((英)) ex-directory].
12 〔見つかる〕
  • これは彼の小説によく出て来る女性だ
    This is the type of woman that often appears in his novels.
  • 盗まれた指輪はじきに出た
    The stolen ring was soon found.
  • 無くなったペンは出て来ましたか
    Did you find your missing pen?
13 〔与えられる〕
  • 1週間の暇が出た
    I was given a week off.
  • 許可が出た
    Permission was given [granted].
  • その仕事には5万円の報酬が出る
    Fifty thousand yen will be paid for the work.
  • 食事が出た
    Dinner was served.
  • ごちそうが山と出た
    We were served [treated to] a sumptuous dinner.
14 〔提出・提示される〕
  • その問題は会議に出た
    The problem was brought up at the meeting.
  • 宿題が出た
    We were given [assigned] homework./We were given an assignment.
  • 論文は全部出ている
    All the theses have been presented [handed in].
  • 彼の辞表が出た
    He has presented [((文))tendered] his resignation.
  • 試験ではどんな問題が出ましたか
    What kind of questions were on the examination?
  • 街角に大きな看板が出ている
    There is a big signboard at the street corner.
15 〔起こる〕
  • 火事は隣家から出た
    The fire broke out in the house next door.
  • 町に大水が出た
    The town was flooded.
  • 風が出て来た
    The wind is rising.
  • その事故で死者が5名出た
    Five people were killed in the accident.
  • 白髪が出て来た
    My hair is beginning to turn gray.
  • あの人たちの顔を見たら元気が出た
    I felt better as soon as I saw them.
  • ゆうべから高い熱が出ている
    I have had a high fever since last night.
  • 食物の匂いをかいだら食欲が出た
    The smell of food stimulated my appetite.
  • いざとなると勇気が出なかった
    My courage failed me at the last moment.
  • 今日はどうも調子が出ない
    I don't seem to be able to 「get into gear [find my form] today.
16 〔産出される〕
  • この辺は石油が出る
    Oil is found around here.
  • この町からは多くの偉人が出た
    This town has produced many great people.
17 〔由来する〕
  • この語はギリシア語から出ている
    This word 「is derived [comes] from Greek.
  • その話は彼から出たものだ
    He first told the story.
  • 山田から出たうわさだ
    Yamada started [originated] the rumor.
  • 彼の家は源氏から出ている
    His family is descended from the Minamoto Clan.
  • 費用は彼から出たらしい
    I hear he 「paid the expenses [((口))footed the bill].
  • それは好奇心から出た行為だ
    He did it from [out of] curiosity.
18 〔もたらされる〕
  • ようやく結論が出た
    At last we 「came to [arrived at] a conclusion.
  • なかなかいい案が出て来ない
    I'm having a hard time coming up with a good idea.
19 〔乗り出す〕
  • 世に出る
    go out [((文))set forth] into the world/〔出世する〕get on in the world/succeed in life
  • 実業界に出る
    go into business
20 〔卒業する〕
  • 大学を出る
    graduate from a university
  • 小学校もまともに出ていない
    He didn't even finish elementary school.
21 〔支出される〕
  • 先月はずいぶん金が出た
    Our expenses last month were considerable.
  • 出る方が入るより多い
    Expenses exceed receipts.
22 〔売れる〕
  • この本はよく出る
    This book 「sells well [is a good seller].
  • 今年はガスストーブがよく出た
    Gas heaters were in great demand this year.
23 〔態度をとる〕⇒でかた(出方)
  • 高飛車に出る
    act high-handedly
  • 彼らには強く出たほうがいい
    We had better take a firm attitude toward them.
  • すべては先方がどう出るかに掛かっている
    Everything depends on 「what tack they take [what move they make].
  • 「僕に出来ないことはないさ」「大きく出たね」
    “There's nothing I can't do.” “You're talking big.”
24 〔増す〕
  • 途中からスピードが出た
    The car gathered [picked up] speed on the way.
25 〔色や味などが〕
  • この昆布はよくだしが出る
    This konbu [seaweed] makes good stock.
  • このお茶はよく出る
    This tea draws [infuses] well./This tea produces a lot of flavor.
  • 出る杭くいは打たれる
  • 出る所
  • 出る所へ出て決着を付けよう
    〔法廷で〕Let's settle this in court./〔警察に行って〕OK! Let's have the police settle this.
  • 出る幕
  • 君の出る幕ではない
    You keep out of this.

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