I 〔顔面〕a face; 〔顔かたち〕⇒かおだち(顔立ち)
  • 丸顔
    a round face
  • うりざね顔
    an oval face
  • きれいな顔の女の人
    a woman with 「a pretty [an attractive] face
  • 彫りの深い顔
    a face with clear-cut features
  • 顔を洗ってタオルで拭いた
    I washed my face and dried it with a towel.
  • 顔を背ける
    turn one's face away ((from))
  • 顔を上げる
    lift one's face
  • 彼らは顔を見合わせた
    They 「looked at each other [exchanged glances].
  • 私の顔をじっと見つめる人がいた
    Someone was staring me (right) in the face.
  • あの女の人の顔は知っている
    I know her by sight.
  • 彼は顔を真っ赤にして怒った
    He was red with anger.
  • 恥ずかしくて顔が赤くなった
    I blushed for shame.
  • 彼は顔をほころばせながら入って来た
    He came in with a broad smile (on his face).
  • 進行中の列車の窓から顔を出してはいけない
    Don't put your head out of the window of a moving train.
  • 顔で笑って心で泣いた
    I was smiling on the outside, but crying on the inside.
  • あの人は顔も見たくない
    I can't stand the sight of him.
1 〔顔付き〕a look
  • 悲しそうな[うれしそうな/驚いた/陰鬱いんうつな/心配そうな]顔をする
    look sad [happy/surprised/gloomy/worried]
  • こわい[むずかしい]顔の男
    a fierce [grave]-looking man
  • 顔をしかめる
    pull a face/make grimaces/grimace
  • 失望した顔で私を見た
    He gave me a disappointed look.
  • 何か問いたげな顔をした[していた]
    He 「put on [wore] a questioning look.
  • まるでこの世を背負っているかのような顔をしている
    He looks as if he were carrying the weight of the world on his shoulders.
  • うそをついたってちゃんと顔に出ているよ
    「It is written all over your face [I can tell just by looking at you] that you are lying.
  • 彼女は心の動揺を顔には出さなかった
    She 「didn't let her uneasiness show [disguised her uneasiness].
  • 大きな顔をするやつに限って本当は気が小さいんだ
    It's the ones who talk big who are really the cowards.
  • でかい顔するな
    Don't act so important.
  • 知らん顔
  • 何食わぬ顔
2 〔面目〕
  • それは私の顔にかかわる問題だ
    That matter affects my honor./My honor is at stake in that matter.
3 〔信用,交際〕
  • 彼は伯父の顔であの会社に入った
    He entered the company through his uncle's influence.
  • 彼はこの辺ではちょっとした顔だ
    He has quite a bit of influence around here./He is a rather powerful [influential] man around here.
  • 顔が合う
  • 顔が合うと会釈をした
    When they met, they nodded to each other.
  • いよいよ横綱同士の顔が合う
    Now the two sumo grand champions are matched [pitted] against each other.
  • 顔が売れる
  • 彼はこの界隈で顔が売れている
    He is well-known around here.
  • 顔がきく
  • 業界でだれか顔がきく人を知りませんか
    Do you know anybody who has influence [contacts] in that line of business?
  • 顔が曇る
    〔心配そうな顔になる〕look worried; 〔憂鬱そうな顔になる〕look depressed
  • 顔がそろう
  • 顔はみんなそろいましたか
    Are all the members present?/Is everyone here?
  • 顔が立つ
  • これで彼も顔が立つだろう
    This will be to his credit./This will bring him credit.
  • 顔が広い
    know a lot of people
  • あの人は財界に顔が広い
    He has many acquaintances in the financial world./He knows a lot of financiers.
  • 顔から火が出る
  • 顔から火が出る思いだった
    「My face [I] was burning with shame.
  • 顔に泥を塗る
  • 父親の顔に泥を塗るようなまねをするな
    Don't stain your father's reputation [good name]./You mustn't be a disgrace to your father.
  • 顔を合わせる
  • 彼らは顔を合わせればいつも口げんかをする
    They never meet without quarreling with each other.
  • 恥ずかしくてあの人とは顔を合わせられない
    I am too embarrassed to see him.
  • 今度また失敗したら友達に合わせる顔がない
    How can I face my friends if I fail again?
  • 顔を売る
  • 立候補予定者は顔を売るのに懸命だった
    The would-be candidates were eager to make themselves known to the public.
  • 顔を貸す
  • 今日会合があるんですが,顔を貸してくれませんか
    We have a meeting today. Won't you 「come along [join us]?
  • 話したいことがあるので顔を貸してくれ
    Can I have a few minutes? I have something to talk to you about.
  • 顔をきかす
  • 彼は顔をきかして部下たちを重要ポストにつけた
    He used his influence to assign important positions to his subordinates.
  • 顔を出す[見せる]
  • 彼はクラブにめったに顔を出さ[見せ]ない
    He seldom 「turns up [makes an appearance] at our club.
  • たまに僕の所にも顔を出すことがある
    He 「calls at my house [calls on me/comes to see me] once in a while.
  • 顔を立てる
  • 彼の顔を立てて黙っていることにした
    I kept it (a) secret so 「as not to embarrass him [that he would not lose face].
  • 顔をつなぐ
  • 何とかして彼らに顔をつないでおいた方がよい
    You'd better keep up your acquaintance [connection] with them.⇒かおつなぎ(顔繋ぎ)
  • 顔をつぶす
  • そんなことを言いふらして私の顔をつぶす気か
    Do you mean to 「disgrace me [bring shame on me] by spreading such a rumor?
  • 顔を直す
  • 彼女は今顔を直している
    She istouching up [redoing] her makeup.
  • 顔を並べる
  • 母の誕生日に兄弟が顔を並べた
    My brothers and sisters all got together on our mother's birthday.
顔文字|a smiley ((複 ~s))

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