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(動)許す 認める 許容する 容認する (⇒Protection of Personal Information Law)



A bill to allow local governments to collect admission fees from visitors to designated natural assets zones will be submitted to the current Diet session in the form of legislation drafted by Diet members.

According to a draft of new guidelines compiled by the Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology, junior high school students will be allowed to bring smartphones and mobile phones to school to use them for emergency contact such as in the event of a disaster.

According to the government’s interpretation of the Constitution, Japan is currently not allowed to exercise the right to collective self-defense.

According to the stipulation of the railway business law, railways can refuse to allow those with issues such as infectious diseases to board.

According to Tokyo University of the Arts, only a handful of students will be allowed to enter the Department of Music under its early admission entrance system.

Ahead of the upper house poll, a political wing of the Japanese Agriculture Group in Hokkaido has decided to allow its members to vote at their own discretion, as a move of opposition to participation in TPP negotiations.

A justice, who allowed the prosecution to detain the suspect, served as the presiding judge in the high court trial.

Allowing banks to claim a tax refund by carrying a loss back to the previous year has not been allowed since fiscal 1992 in Japan, due chiefly to the fiscal plight of the central government.

A major Internet shopping mall program which began in March 2000 allows payments to be made immediately through the bank accounts of users.

Among many sports coaches, there still remains the misguided perception that some physical punishment can be allowed for the sake of victories.

An increasing number of companies are expected to allow their employees to work from home in response to Prime Minister Abe’s request to temporarily close schools nationwide due to the new coronavirus spread.

As a move to jeopardize the symbol of cooperation between South Korea and North Korea, Pyongyang cut off a military hotline with South Korea that allows cross-border travel to a jointly run industrial complex.

Banks are allowed to sell insurance policies to clients.

By issuing a number card with a facial photo and an IC chip to Japanese citizens, the My Number system is intended to allow administrative bodies to better manage social security benefits and tax payments.

Currently, nine of the 10 railway IC cards are interchangeable as e-cards and holders are allowed to use them in about 200,000 shops including convenience stores across the nation.

During the business suspension, the company will not be allowed to extend new loans, solicit new customers or call in loans.

Even under the new Constitution of Egypt, the special privilege which allows the military to bypass parliamentary approval on the defense budget has been left intact.

Former Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak was allowed to be retried over the killings of protesters in the 2011 popular uprising.

If general voters are also allowed to engage in election campaigns via the Internet, anyone will be able to send an e-mail calling for support for a certain candidate, which may lead to rampant negative campaigns in which voters slander candidates they oppose.

In a bid to clamp down on bank-transfer scams, the police asked financial institutions not to allow people whose faces are obscured with sunglasses or masks to use ATMs.

In connection with the Ukraine situation, no country must be allowed to change its national borders by threat of force, and the international community should unite in addressing the Ukraine crisis.

In December 1998, trust funds became the first financial products offered by securities firms and life insurers that banks were allowed to sell.

In implementing the Hong Kong national security law, Hong Kong police will have sweeping authority which allows them to take actions including conducting searches without a warrant and intercepting communications.

It is an entrenched bidding structure that allows irregularities such as influence-wielding, bid-rigging and subcontracting entire public works contracts.

It is a significant problem that the Broadcast Act of Japan allows for the regulation of media by the government.

New entries in the taxi industry were allowed by the liberalization of the industry in 2002, but the soaring number of taxis has resulted in excessive competition.

Preimplantation diagnosis on patients other than those with serious genetic diseases is not allowed by the guidelines of the Japan Society of Obstetrics and Gynecology.

Prosecutors appealed the ruling and demanded the court allow them to detain the Nepalese man to prevent his deportation to Nepal.

The bullies made the schoolboy shoplift, extorted money from him or forced him to disclose a PIN code for his bank account, which allowed his tormentors to withdraw money.

The Chinese government allowed people to stage a campaign to boycott Japanese products following anti-Japan demonstrations.

The firm allows employees to set aside annual paid leaves, which lose effect after two years under the law.

The former Soviet Union launched a woman into orbit aboard a one-person Vostok spacecraft in1963, but she was not allowed to take the controls, as male cosmonauts were.

The new Japan-U.S. accord will allow local government officials to enter U.S. military bases in Japan to conduct environmental surveys, such as research on cultural properties and soil contamination, before the bases are returned.

The personal computers of innocent people who were wrongly arrested on suspicion of sending online threats via their PCs were later found to have been infected with a virus which allowed a third party to control them remotely.

The refugee recognition system allows refugee status seekers to start working six months after submitting their applications.

The revised Patent Law allows companies to obtain patents on inventions made by their employees if they inform the employees beforehand, including in the company’s work regulations or by a written contract.

The use of force by SDF personnel is currently restricted and SDF members are allowed to use weapons only for purposes such as self-defense.

To defeat deflation and achieve an economic recovery, it is necessary to restore a process that allows funds made available as a result of the BOJ’s monetary easing to be used as loans for plant and equipment investments to expand corporate profits and jobs.

Under Japan’s Protection of Personal Information Law, entities are allowed to transfer personal information to foreign countries and view it from overseas with the consent of users.

Under the new residential status system for foreign workers holding specified skills, which was introduced in 2019, foreigners are allowed to engage in unskilled labor in 14 categories of industry, such as construction and nursing care.

Under the new tax exemption program which started in April 2013, people are allowed to give lump-sum cash gifts for education to their children or grandchildren.

Vaccinations at companies and universities have been allowed, but they have to secure on their own the doctors, nurses and other medical personnel to administer vaccines as well as the venues for vaccination.

Wiretapping is allowed for certain crimes such as those involving drugs and firearms under the current law.

Women are effectively allowed to make an arbitrary decision on induced abortions in Japan.

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1 (他)〈事を〉認める〈人に〉〈事を〉許可する,〈人などが〉(…にいることを)許す,〈人に〉(…することを)認める,…を(…する)ままにしておく≪to do≫([連語] allow ... to+[動]vote/participate/enter/stay/return/remain/speak

Smoking is not allowed here.

She allowed him the use of it.

Allow me.

No dogs allowed

They were not allowed out of the room.

It's a vital rule allowing people to talk freely.

allow the opportunity to slip away

1a (他)〈事(の実現)を〉可能にする〈人に〉〈機会などを〉与える,〈人などに〉(…が)できるようにする≪to do

This would allow some freedom for [of] choice.

Television has allowed us to know world affairs.

2 (他)〈時間・経費・食料などを〉あらかじめ見込んでおく(ゆとりを持って)見ておく,〈時間などを〉(…のために)見越しておく,〈金額などを〉(…のために)考慮する,割り引く≪for

Please allow 28 days for delivery.

We can allow 5% off for cash payment.

3 (他)((形式))〈主張・可能性などを〉認める(正しいとして)受け入れる,〈人の〉〈言うことを〉認める,〈…ということを〉認める≪that節≫

The judge allowed the evidence.

I'll allow you that.

I can't allow that someone (should) fire me with a moment's notice.

3a (他)((米/方言))〈…と〉述べる,主張する≪that節≫


(1) 74%〔~ [名] to do〕allow the candidates to present their vision within such a framework

(2) 15%〔~ [名]allow imports of cigarettes and beer within a year

(3) 2%〔~ [名][名]allow people an increasing range of choices

(4) 1%〔~ [名] for [名]allow a few minutes for execution

◆頻度は能動文のみで集計.受動態は約15-20%程度.[名]+to do がよく用いられる.

allow for (自+)

1 〈事情などを〉(計画・計算・判断などで)考慮に入れる,見越しておく

allow for the unexpected

Allowing for traffic delays, we should leave at 7:30 at the latest.

2 〈状況などを〉可能にする

allowing that ...


allow of (自+)


His remarks allow of no other interpretation.

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