1 〔精神〕(the) mind
  • 心と体
    the mind and the body
  • 心も体も健康だ
    He is sound in mind and body./He is mentally and physically sound.
  • 心の病におかされている
    He is mentally ill.
  • 心に迷いはない
    I feel no doubt.
  • 心に悩みがある
    I am troubled.
  • 心の中で
    in one's heart [mind]
  • 心の中で「うそだ」とつぶやいた
    I muttered to myself, “No that's not true.”
2 〔考え〕one's mind
  • 心の広い[狭い]
    broad- [narrow-] minded
  • 彼は行くつもりだったが急に心が変わった
    He (had) intended to go, but suddenly he changed his mind.
  • 彼に心をすっかり打ち明けた
    I told him everything that was on my mind.
  • すべて心にまかせぬ事ばかりだ
    Nothing goes as I want./Everything goes wrong for me.
  • 将来について心がぐらついていた
    He was in [of] two minds about his future./He couldn't make up his mind about his future.
  • よこしまな心は捨てなさい
    Discard your evil thoughts.
3 〔心情〕the heart; 〔気持ち〕a feeling
  • 心の広い
  • 心の暖かい
  • 汚れた心
    an impure heart
  • 心を安んじる
    set one's mind [heart] 「at ease [at rest]
  • 心の底から彼に礼を言った
    I thanked him from the bottom of my heart.
  • 心はやさしい人です
    He is gentle at heart.
  • 彼女は息子の病気に心を痛めている
    She is 「fretting about [anxious about] her son's illness.
  • あの子のことを考えると心が痛む[沈む]
    My heart aches [sinks] when I think of the child.
  • 彼の将来を考えると心が重い
    My heart is heavy when I think of his future.
  • それを聞くと心が躍った
    My heart leaped to hear it.
  • 感謝[喜び]の心
    a feeling of thankfulness [joy]
  • 彼は妻の心を思いやることができなかった
    He could not enter into his wife's feelings.
4 〔思いやり〕consideration; sympathy
5 〔真心〕
  • 心の友
    a very close friend/((口))one's bosom buddy/〔特に異性で〕a soul mate
  • 心のこもった祝いの言葉を彼に贈った
    I sent sincere words of congratulation to him./I sent him my heartfelt congratulations.
  • 心から妻を愛していた
    He loved his wife with all his heart.
  • ご親切に心からお礼を申し上げます
    I heartily [sincerely] thank you for your kindness./I want to express my heartfelt thanks for your kindness.
  • 心をこめて子供の世話をした
    「She gave herself completely to [She put herself completely into] the care of her children.
  • 心をこめて彼をもてなした
    I entertained him warmly./I gave him a warm reception.
6 〔愛情〕
  • 彼女の心をつかもうとできる限りのことをした
    He did all he could to win her heart.
7 〔注意〕attention
  • 彼らは環境改善に心を用いた
    They took care to improve the environment.
  • 彼は物事のよい面ばかりに心を向けている
    He looks only at the bright side of things.
8 〔意味〕meaning
  • 茶の心が分かる人は少ない
    Few people can understand the true meaning of the tea ceremony.
  • その心は
    〔日本のなぞなぞなどで聞く時〕What do you mean by that answer?/〔答える時〕I mean....
9 〔好み〕one's taste, one's fancy; 〔気分〕one's mood
  • 心にかなった模様
    a pattern that suits one's taste/a pattern that takes one's fancy
  • 心のままに行動する
    have one's own way
  • 人々の心は奢侈しゃしに傾いている
    People are inclined to extravagance.
  • 今日はショーを見に行くのは心が進まない
    I just don't feel like going to a show today.
  • 心が動く
  • その展覧会を見てから陶芸に心が動き始めた
    After I visited the show, I 「developed a liking for [took a fancy to] ceramics.
  • 心が通う
  • 私たちは心が通い合っている
    We are congenial.
  • ぱっと心が通い合った
    They understood each other instantly./((口)) They hit it off instantly [right away].
  • 彼のあいさつには心が通っていなかった
    He greeted me in a perfunctory manner.
  • 心が騒ぐ
  • それを考えると心が騒ぐ
    I feel uneasy when I think of it.
  • 心が弾む
    はずむ (弾む) II 2
  • 心ならずも
  • 心に浮かぶ
  • 昔の情景が心に浮かんだ
    The scenes of the old days 「rose before my eyes [flashed into my mind].
  • 素晴らしい計画が心に浮かんだ
    I hit on a splendid plan./A splendid plan occurred to me.
  • 心に描く
  • 彼女の花嫁姿を心に描いてみた
    I imagined [pictured to myself] the way she would look as a bride.
  • 心に掛かる
  • 父の病気が心に掛かって眠れなかった
    My father's illness 「so worried me [weighed on my mind so much] that I could not sleep.
  • 心に掛ける
  • そのことをそんなに心に掛けるな
    Don't take the matter to heart so much./Don't worry about it so much./((口)) Don't take it so hard.
  • 叔母はいつも私のことを心に掛けてくれた
    My aunt always had my best interests at heart.
  • 心に刻む
  • その光景は私の心に刻みこまれている
    The sight is engraved in my memory.
  • 心に染まぬ
  • 心にそまぬ結婚をした
    She married a man whom she did not care for.
  • 心にそまぬことをしてもうまくいかない
    It is no good doing something which is not to your liking.
  • 心に留める
  • 彼女は彼の言ったことを心に留めていた
    She bore [kept] in mind what he had said.
  • 心にもない
  • 心にもないことを申し上げたことをお許しください
    Please forgive me. I didn't really mean what I said.
  • 心の丈
  • 心の丈を打ち明けてください
    Please tell me all your worries.
  • 心を合わせて
  • 心を合わせて仕事をしている
    They work in close cooperation.
  • 心を入れ替える
  • 彼は心を入れ替えて仕事に励んだ
    He turned over a new leaf and applied himself to his work.
  • 心を動かす
  • 彼女の優しい言葉は彼の心を動かした
    Her gentle words touched [moved] him.
  • 心を打つ
  • それは見る者の心を打つ光景だった
    It was a very touching [moving] sight to see.
  • 彼の勇敢な行為は村人の心を打った
    The villagers were impressed by his courageous deed.
  • 心を奪われる
  • その女に心を奪われた
    The woman stole his heart./He lost his heart to the woman.
  • 彼は研究に心を奪われて家族も顧みない
    Fascinated by [Lost in] his research, he pays little attention to his wife and children.
  • 心を鬼にする
  • 心を鬼にして息子を厳しく罰した
    I steeled [hardened] myself and punished my son severely.
  • 心を砕く
1 〔苦心する〕
  • 交渉がうまくいくように心を砕いた
    He 「took great pains [made every effort] to ensure that the negotiations would proceed smoothly.
2 〔気にかける〕
  • 彼らは娘の幸せのために心を砕いている
    They are quite concerned about their daughter's happiness.
  • 心を配る
  • お年寄に心を配ってあげなさい
    Be considerate of old people.
  • 彼らの行動に心を配った
    He paid special attention to what they did.
  • 心を汲む
  • 私の心を汲んで彼女はそれ以上のことを聞かなかった
    Taking my feelings into consideration [Out of sympathy for me], she asked no further questions.
  • 心をこめる
  • 心を引く
  • 美しい女性に心を引かれた
    He was attracted [fascinated] by the beautiful woman.
  • その町には彼の心を引く物はなにもなかった
    He found nothing attractive in that town.
  • 心を向ける[用いる]
  • 心を許す
  • あの男に心を許してはいけない
    You should not trust him.
  • ちょっとうまくいったからといって心を許すな
    Don't relax your attention because of a small success or two.
  • 心を寄せる
1 〔愛情を持つ〕
  • 彼女に心を寄せている
    He is in love with her.
2 〔同情する〕
  • 不幸な人々に心を寄せる
    「Her heart goes out to [She feels sympathy for] unfortunate people.


1 〔心臓〕the heart
  • 心不全
    heart failure/〔医学用語〕cardiac insufficiency
2 〔体の一番深いところ〕⇒しん(芯)
1 〔本心〕one's heart
  • 心から好きな人
    a person one really likes
2 〔精神〕one's mind; one's spirit
  • 心がしっかりしている
    She is emotionally steady [strong] by nature.
  • あの人と話していると心が疲れる
    His company wears me out.


  • 仏心
  • 浮気心を起こす
    be tempted to play around
  • 子供心にも,その人がかわいそうだと思った
    Though I was only a child, I felt sorry for him.

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